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Spintronics Interdisciplinary Center

Spintronics Interdisciplinary Center (SIC) of Beihang University was founded in 2013, which was jointly instituted under the conduction of School of Electronics and Information Engineering and other schools, including School of Computer Science and Engineering, School of Physics and Nuclear Engineering, and School of Material Science and Engineering.
The SIC has some reputed academic team members, the director of the SIC is Prof. Weisheng Zhao, who is a tenured researcher from CNRS. In addition, Prof. Albert Fert, a physician of University Paris-sub, academician of CNRS, and the winner of 2007 Nobel Prize in physics is the director of advisory committee of the center. Prof. Russel Cowburn, a physician from the Cambridge University, academician of the British Royal Society, the founder of magnetic logic calculation is the director of technical committee of the center. At present, there are two professors of “Youth 1000 Talent Program (China)”, five scholars of "1000 Talent Plan (China)", three associate professors of "Zhuoyue Program (BUAA)", and two assistant professors in our center.
Facing the international situation and the domestic industry demand, with scientific research task oriented, our center achieved the integration of different scientific subjects. Academic research, talent’s cultivation and promotion of achievements are also being promoted here. With the support from different faculties, the research of Spintronics IC (with the School of Electronics and Information Engineering),Spintronics and Normally-off Computing System (with the School of Computer Science) and Spintronics materials and devices (with the School of physics, materials) were launched out. Each direction of research was appointed with a professor of “Youth 1000 Program (China)" as the director scientist. And the leaders of each faculty, some famous foreign scholars, research fellow, and senior executives from some corporation were appointed as technical advisers, with emphasis on material research, manufacture of prototype device, development of producing process, and system integration and the terminal users.
With close cooperation with famous domestic universities, research institutes and corporation, under the direction of sound intellectual property rules, in accordance with the principle of joint bearing of cost and risk, and sharing of talent and achievement, the center has established the alliance of "Production, Study, Research and Application" in the field of China spin electronics. Cooperation institutions include: the units of training talent (such as Tsinghua University), units of providing advanced process technology and magnetic equipment (Institute of physics, Institute of Microelectronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences), units of processing and providing process equipment (SMIC, XMC, MDT), units of providing IC application and EDA tools (Huawei, China Datang Corporation, Huada Empyrean Software).

The center was involved in the joint research projects with the world's top universities and research institutes, with the establishment of complementary and win-win strategic partnership, and the innovative communication mechanism of international researchers and students. The international cooperation institutions include: CNRS, University of Paris-Sud, Ecole Centrale Paris, UPMC, University of Pittsburgh, Purdue University, University of Cambridge, Stanford University, UMN, Tohoku University, and IMEC etc.